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Key COTS Building Blocks for Next Generation Radar and Electronic Warfare Waveform Creation

Fueled by the global adoption and application of AESA technology, the science of Electronic Warfare is rapidly evolving. As an engineer who needs to design test systems to emulate the latest threats you are challenged to do this not only with COTS hardware, but it must be able to generate a diverse set of threats and EW techniques – ranging from legacy deployed radars to the most advanced High Resolution SAR or Moving Target Indicator radars.

Cost and time constraints makes it increasingly difficult to design a new test system for every program. Of course we all know that a versatile COTS based hardware platform strategy is often what is requested, however the advanced nature of the signals required make it an almost impossible goal.

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Solving Modern Radar and electronic Warefare's Most Demanding Test Challenges
microwave signal generator
Microwave Signal Generator - 100 kHz to 50 GHz

Test Instrumentation Catalog
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test instrumentation catalog



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Radar & EW Test Challenge Contest

GT-1000B Microwave Power Amplifier
Microwave Power Amplifier 2 GHz to 20 GHz 
Universal Power Meter
Universal Power Meter - 10 MHz to 50 GHz

USB Power Sensors

USB Power Sensors- 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz


Universal Switching System


Feature Whitepaper - A Next Generation ATE Switching solution as applied by Rockwell Collins

ASCOR Series 8900A Re-configurable Rackmount / Benchtop Microwave Signal Switching Solution

Series 8900 - Re-configurable Rackmount / Benchtop Microwave Switch Solution offers the ultimate flexibility with the choice of two 2 rack unit (2U - 3.5”) high 19” or 9.5” wide chassis.

Why Giga-tronics ASCOR is Better?

ASCOR Switching Catalog and Selector Guide.  Learn more.


ASCOR Series 8000 RF & Microwave Modular Platform

ASCOR 8000 Series RF Signal Switch Solutions, self-contained system, built-in power supplies, interface controller, relay drivers

Series 8800 - RF & Microwave Switch Modular Platform.  The switch modular platform contain the replaceable components and reconfigurable to meet existing and emerging test requirements, covering the DC to 67 GHz frequency range.

ASCOR high density solutions

  • Wide bandwidth
  • Low noise / high isolation
  • Ultra-high density
  • populate from a selection of over 200 cards


Giga-tronics offers two series of standard synthesizer modules covering 2 to 24 GHz.
Giga-tronics produces a wide range of electromagnet and permanent magnet YIG oscillators, YIG filters and drivers for both military and commercial application.
Giga-tronics design many custom configurations of YIG-tuned products and frequency synthesizer modules.


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