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Giga-tronics transfered Power Meters, Sensors, and Microwave Power Amplifiers product lines to Spanawave Corporation effective January 4th, 2016.  For warranty information for power meters, sensors, and micorwave power amplifiers, please click here >>

General Information

Product warranties pertain to all products manufactured by Giga-tronics Incorporated or by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Microsource, Inc. As used herein the names Giga-tronics and Microsource refer to products or subsidiaries of Giga-tronics.

Giga-tronics warrants to the Customer that all manufactured products conform to published specifications and are free from defects in material and workmanship for one year. The period begins on the date of shipment and only applies to normal operation of the product within the appropriate service condition. Giga-tronics shall have no responsibility hereunder for any defect or damage caused by improper storage, improper installation, unauthorized modification, misuse, neglect, inadequate maintenance, accident, or any part which has been repaired or altered by anyone other than Giga-tronics or its authorized representative, or not in accordance with Giga-tronics furnished instructions.

Summary of the Warranty Process

Extended Warranty Coverage

Extended warranty (Service and Calibration) can only be purchased at time of ordering or within 30 days after the ship date. Service for extended warranties will be performed by Giga-tronics Incorporated, its Microsource subsidiary; or, an authorized Giga-tronics Service Center. Prices do not include freight, insurance, handling, taxes, duties or any other related shipping charges.

Extended warranty service and extended calibration options are based on the original ship date of the product. Extended calibration option requires that units be calibrated annually, if applicable.

Out-of-Warranty Repairs, all Product Lines

Giga-tronics warrants for a period of ninety (90) days, from the date of shipment, that all repair efforts performed will be free from defects in material and workmanship, and, will conform to specifications, drawings and/or other descriptions expressly made a part of this order. As a condition, the Buyer must notify Giga-tronics that the goods have been properly received, stored and maintained. Should any failure of the repair efforts appear within 90 days following the initial date of shipment upon return of such goods prepaid, and accompanied by detailed failure reports, Seller will inspect and test returned goods to determine the causes of failure. Provided Seller can verify the documented failure, if warranty repair is applicable, the unit will be repaired or replaced and returned freight pre-paid, FOB Destination. If no failure is detected, or Seller cannot for any reason verify the documented failure, a minimum evaluation charge will be assessed. Upon payment of the minimum evaluation charge the goods will be returned FOB Origin. In no event will the unit be warranted for failure(s) beyond the scope of the original repair.

Buyer shall pay a minimum evaluation charge per unit regardless of buyer's decision to proceed with quoted repairs. The minimum evaluation charge is determined by the type of unit. Seller shall quote a price for repair and, if approved by Buyer, the evaluation charge will be considered as part of the repair cost. If buyer declines to have the goods repaired, the evaluation charge will be billed and the parts returned FOB Origin.

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