Fast Tune Band Reject Filter

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Today’s TBRF challenges:

  • Fast frequency switching time – YIG filter switching speed of ≤ 75 µs/GHz
  • Expanded operational frequency range – ability to operate over all X-band radar frequencies
  • Precise center frequency accuracy and stability – settled to within ≈ 1 MHz of commanded frequency within the switching speed time
  • Rugged and reliable system – must operate in some of the worst environmental areas of aircraft – high vibration and noise environments
  • Self cooling – ability to operate using convection and radiation cooling (no heat sinking to aircraft)
  • Special case – multiple filter channels requiring channel gain
  • Tight control of gain and gain tracking of multiple channels of filtering – on the order of 1 dB RMS over temp. over full ECM band

Giga-tronics Microsource has the industry’s most advanced line of tunable, synthesized Band Reject Filters (BRF) for ESM and EW applications. These high-speed, tunable notch filters can quickly block interference from CW and narrow-band emissions. Using proprietary driver and PLL technology, these filters offer tuning speeds that are 10x faster than open loop YIG filters designs.

Obsolescence Notice:  Microsource standard YIG Oscillator and Synthesizer  3-23-2017 (pdf)

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